A political analysis of the movie gladiator

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A political analysis of the movie gladiator

Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife.

A political analysis of the movie gladiator

And in this life, or the next, I will have my vengeance. In its day, the Roman Empire was the most powerful and influential political institution in all of European history, with Rome forming the social and economic hub of the Mediterranean world and its influence stretching out across the continent to include the territories now known as the Middle East, Britain, the Balkans, and Romania.

Founded in 27 BC, when Gaius Octavius was proclaimed Augustus 'exalted one' following the dissolution of the Roman Republic after years of civil war and internal upheaval, the monarchy brought political stability back to the Roman state, and continued to flourish for almost half a millennium.

In that time, the Roman Empire unwittingly laid the foundation for Western society, as it spread the Latin language across Europe, as well as its systems of law, commerce, and government. And given the rich cultural mosaic that formed its subjects, the age of the Roman Empire also saw the proliferation of Greek culture, Christian religion, Judaism, and science.

The first signs of trouble in the Empire occurred in AD, when Commodus was crowned emperor, which signaled an end to the Empire's 'golden era'.

The remaining three centuries of the Roman Empire were filled with civil war, political instability, and anarchy as Rome's influence gradually waned, as a succession of military-based leaders tried their hand at administering its 60 million subjects.

Though Diocletian was able to restore some of the stability and prosperity to the Roman Empire in the Third Century, some of his reforms ultimately led to the partition of the Empire into western and eastern portions in the Fourth Century.

Though the Roman state continued to exist in a recognizable form in the Eastern Empire, which was based in Constantinople, its political influence over the rest of Europe had come to an end. Despite its downfall, the infrastructure that the Empire had laid down continued to exist, albeit in an altered form.

During the Middle Ages, the cultural influences of the Roman Empire continued to be passed down from one generation to the next.

Christianity and the Roman paradigms of law and government prevailed, as did the Latin language, though it gradually evolved into regional tongues such as French and Spanish.

The legacy of the Roman Empire was also seen during the Renaissance of the Fifteen Century, when Greco-Roman civilization was rediscovered and greatly influenced the art, architecture, law, language, and the literature of the day. Though the story is largely fictional, " Gladiator " uses actual historical figures and tells its story in the context of the events of the day.

Scholarly issues aside, this is the kind of film that defines the term 'blockbuster'-- filled with spectacle and action, and telling a story of epic scope and humanity, "Gladiator" is an enthralling and totally immersing production that will probably be viewed as a classic in years to come.

The year is AD, and General Maximus Russell Crowe of " The Insider " is a distinguished and decorated soldier, commanding the Roman Empire's brutal war machine against the barbarian hordes of Germania. However, his title, family, and his freedom are stripped away in an instant after Commodus Joaquin Phoenix of " 8mm " usurps the throne by murdering his ailing but just father, Caesar Marcus Aurelius Richard Harris of " Smilla's Sense of Snow ".

Remaining steadfastly loyal to Marcus and unwilling to pledge his allegiance to his unlawful heir, Maximus is sentenced to death by Commodus. However, Maximus is able to escape his would-be executioners, and races home to his farm to protect his wife and son.

Unfortunately, upon arrival, he is heartbroken to find that his family has been butchered and his farm razed to the ground. They said that your boy squealed like a little girl when they nailed him to the cross Not long after, he is captured by slave-traders and befriended by fellow prisoner Juba Djimon Hounsou of " Amistad ".

The two men are then sold to Proximo Oliver Reed, who passed away not long after production wrapped upa man who manages and trains gladiators. Back in Rome, the paranoid Commodus is gradually tightening his grip on the reins of power, which includes dissolving the Senate and killing his political rivals.

However, a few in the echelons of power are still able to undermine Commodus' dictatorship, including Senator Gracchus Derek Jacobi, seen recently in Kenneth Branaugh's " Hamlet " and Commodus' own sister, Lucilla Connie Nielsen of " Mission to Mars ".In May , Gladiator opened in movie theaters.

Maximus Decimus Meridius (Russell Crowe) is a successful general from the Battle of the Danube under Marcus Aurelius (Richard Harris). Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix), son of Marcus Aurelius, condemns Meridius to probable death by sending him into the gladiatorial arena.

Stunning Gladiator Costume. Replicas of the costumes Russell Crowe wore in the epic movie "Gladiator." Theses gladiator suits are not your typical cheap Halloween costumes. Maximus is forced to fight as a gladiator and eventually has an opportunity to destroy Commodus.

Along the way, he stirs up a controversy over political authority in Rome. I don't know a human alive that doesn't love Gladiator. It is perhaps one of the greatest movies of our shared past, and if I ever encountered somebody who thinks otherwise, I'd forget they exist.

A political analysis of the movie gladiator

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5 stars based on reviews metin2sell.com Essay. This entry was posted in Gladiator film essay on brazil. Bookmark the permalink. Gladiator Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Gladiator by Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard. Most would agree that Gladiator is one of Hans Zimmer’s best work.

His collaboration with Lisa Gerrard on this score sparked controversy, but also captured many fans who saw Zimmer in a new light.

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