Current topics to write a speech about an object

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Current topics to write a speech about an object

Many students have to give an object speech sometime in their academic career. Your teacher may assign a two to five-minute speech, so you want to make sure that you have plenty to say about the object. Also, pick an object that you can bring into class with you and use as a visual aid.

Meaningful Objects An object that holds a lot of meaning to you will be easy to talk about.

current topics to write a speech about an object

This object could be an autographed baseball, a piece of jewelry that once belonged to your grandmother or a sea shell you picked up on a favorite vacation. During your speech, tell the story about how you came about the object.

For example, you caught the baseball at a game, then waited by the locker room to have it signed. You also want to let your audience know why the object holds meaning for you, such as you went to the baseball game with your dad and the baseball always reminds you of what a great and exciting day you two spent together.

Hobby Objects Give a speech about an object that has to do with one of your hobbies. Share with your audience how you got involved in that hobby, the relevance of the object to the hobby and information on how to use the object.

If you bring in knitting needles, inform the class how your mother taught you to knit, the difference between the size of knitting needles, and then give the audience a demonstration. Sports lovers can bring in sports equipment; artists can talk about their paint brushes; and musicians can speak about their instruments.

Pets If it is okay with your teacher and school, form your object speech around a pet. Have a parent bring your dog or cat in during your speech. You could also bring in a caged animal such as a hamster, bird, fish, turtle or lizard.


Person Write a speech about a person who you admire and who means a lot to you. Make a speech about a parent, relative, teacher, coach, doctor, babysitter or best friend.

Tell a specific anecdote about that person such as the time you went to the fair together or how that person saved your life perhaps. Also, talk about why that person is so important to you.

References Colorado State University:Describing People, Places, and Things: 40 Writing Topics: Descriptive writing calls for close attention to details—details of sight and sound, sometimes even of smell, touch, and taste.

We've come up with 40 topic suggestions for a descriptive paragraph or essay. Feb 02,  · Persuasive speech argues or puts across a point to the audience. It is the art of expressing an opinion clearly and logically. While presentation is very important when persuading, the magic of a persuasive speech is best experienced only when the topic elicits an interest and appeals to the heart of every member in the audience.

And, that is what finally matters. Additional ideas for object speeches are tsunamis, caffeine, hybrid cars, medicinal marijuana and Lasik surgery.

current topics to write a speech about an object

An object talk is a specific type of informative speech. Speakers often develop better presentations when they choose topics familiar to them and tailor the presentation to the audience. Half the battle of presenting a speech or writing an essay is choosing the right topic.

List of 100 Persuasive Speech Topics

Choosing a good informative speech topic or informative essay topic can keep your audience entertained, your reader interested, and your own work process more enjoyable.

To help you determine your interests on an informative speech topic, think about. Sep 11,  · Full text of balanced, accurate discussions of over controversial topics in the news supplemented with chronologies, illustrations, maps, tables, sidebars, contact information, and bibliographies including primary source documents and news editorials.

An object speech is an easy informational speech designed to allow the beginning speaker to build confidence in their abilities with a quick, easy and fun speech.

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