Drugs boon or bane

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Drugs boon or bane

PDF This From Research to Practice section focuses on polypharmacy, a term we do not often hear or read about in publications dealing with diabetes.

Drugs boon or bane

Nonetheless, many of us routinely encounter the phenomenon of poly-pharmacy, or multiple medications, when dealing with patients. Certainly all of these factors require careful consideration.

Still, polypharmacy may be a necessity to effectively manage diabetes and its associated complications and comorbidities. For example, a patient may require three oral medications to manage blood glucose, three medications for blood pressure control, and an additional two to three medications for lipid control.

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This would be a total of nine chronic medications not including aspirin or drugs for other diseases the patient may have. Some would argue that the goal should be to decrease the number of medications this patient requires.

But while that course of action may be appropriate, I would counter that the primary goal should be to determine whether the medications are indicated for the disease state and whether they are safe and effective for the patient.

It could be that this patient truly needs nine medications.

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With continued advances in pharmacological therapies, it is likely that the number of medications prescribed for our patients will continue to increase rather than decrease. The four articles included in this section provide us with a better understanding of polypharmacy as well as practical information about common drug-drug, over-the-counter OTC drug, and complementary therapy interactions seen in patients with diabetes.

We begin with an excellent article on polypharmacy in the elderly by Chester B. He writes that there is no consistent definition of polypharmacy in the literature and that many authors define it simply as the use of five or six medications.

However, polypharmacy is much more complex than just the number of medications a patient uses. Good discusses the factors that influence polypharmacy, as well as its incidence in the elderly.

Elderly patients are particularly at risk for adverse effects. They frequently take multiple drugs that are prescribed by different providers for different diseases, often in unrelated health care settings.

They may also have sensory deficits resulting in nonadherence to their medication regimen because of confusion or other problems. This is especially worrisome given Census Bureau projections that there may be 6.

Interactions Between Prescription Medications Drug interactions and side effects are the negative but real consequences of pharmacological therapy. The more medications patients take, the greater the potential for drug-drug interactions.

Although thousands of drug-drug interactions have been described in the literature, only a relatively small number of these are clinically important. Understanding mechanisms of drug interactions and interpreting the literature on them can be a challenge for health care professionals, including pharmacists.

The most significant kind of drug-drug interaction involves the cyto-chrome P microsomal enzyme system. In her article on p.

She describes common drug interactions found in patients with diabetes, dyslipidemia, and hypertension and offers suggestions for reducing the risk of adverse events when drugs are coadministered. When obtaining information about drug-drug interactions, it is important to use an updated source of information.

It is particularly appropriate to use caution when a patient is taking a newer medication. Before being approved by the Food and Drug Administration FDAdrugs are studied in selected populations for limited periods. Drugs are sometimes on the market for years before the full range of adverse reactions and interactions associated with them is known.

It gained FDA approval inbut potentially fatal drug interactions associated with it were not identified until At the very least, most patients with diabetes should be taking daily aspirin if they do not have a contraindication to it.

How-ever, providers need to be aware of some important interactions. In our third article p. The tables she provides may be especially useful as a reference guide in clinical practice.The personal care industry has experienced tremendous growth in the recent decade, with the advent of deodorants and antiperspirants into the market.

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Chapter 36: Medicines : Boon or Bane?

Statins: A Vascular Boon or Muscular Bane? 1Shanawaz OU, 2Santhosh Pai, 3Syed Waleem Pasha 1Junior resident, Dept of General Medicine Yenepoya Medical College, Statins are very fast becoming one of the most frequently prescribed drugs worldwide [1, 2].


Drugs boon or bane

Drug interactions represent one of the most common complications of medicinal therapy, and it is estimated that when more than three drugs are taken together, an interaction will occur 25% of the time.

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