Frihed eller tryghed essay

FN-debattene om "combatting defamation of religion" i lys av menneskerettene til religions- livssyns- og ytringsfrihet. Norsk tidsskrift for misjonsvitenskap.

Frihed eller tryghed essay

This revolution was based on a referendum. A civil war was avoided because Norway was well armed, and the Swedish workers threatened with a revolutionary general strike, if the liberation was not accomplished.

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Several hundred years ago Norway was also an independent land. A long time ago a democratic tendency with municipal and regional tings, i. Thus, an egalitarian as well as libertarian tendency and culture have a long historical tradition in Norway. However in the meantime, beforeNorway was de facto a vassal state, ruled from Sweden, Denmark or Germany Hansa.

Frihed eller tryghed essay

Henrik Wergeland was influenced by the somewhat social individualist libertarian tendencies of those days, writing a.

Men ei vil vi have en Dollar til Hjerte. Vi ham taknemmelig maa hylde. Vor Frihed vi Revolutionen skylde. He also had ideas similar to Pjotr Kropotkin and later Ragnar Frisch, that a combination of practical work, say gardening, and theoretical work, was an optimal basis for human development.

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By the way, Henrik Wergeland was a lawful person using a colorful language, and that he would act as a 'plague to authority' must of course not be interpreted literary, as a defence for biological weapons, spreading illnesses, or something like that. In the 22 year old Henrik Ibsen used the play "Catilina" to promote the anarchist ideal about fairness and freedom without violence, investigated in a societal context, universally and individually, probably inspirated by P.

Proudhon, according to Max Nettlau and Erik M. Works of Proudhon were published in the journal of the early workers' movement, "Thranittene", with Marcus Thrane in the forefront, a man that in declared that P.

The young Ibsen participated actively in this movement. When later asked why he wrote about Catilina a nobleman and pretorIbsen replied that his, i.

It is also quite clear from the available documents known today, that Ibsen's "Non-State Theory" seen all in all was mainly libertarian individualistic, and not liberalistic, and thus Ibsen must be accounted for as a significant individualist anarchist, at least in a part of his grown up life, if not all.

Although Henrik Ibsen did not explicitely called himself an anarchist publicly, his "Non-State-Theory" etc.Rum, mulighed og frihed - et transcendentalt alternativ til Kant. / Nørreklit, Lennart. Aalborg: Center for Filosofi og Videnskabsteori: Aalborg Universitet, Han fortæller om sin kamp for støtte og forståelse fra regeringer, chefer for efterretningsvæsner, forlæggere, journalister og andre forfattere; og om hvordan han genvandt sin frihed.

Det er en usædvanlig åben og ærlig, medrivende, provokerende, rørende og livsvigtig bog. issn issn biblioteka narodowa instytut bibliograficzny biblioteka narodowa instytut bibliograficzny polonica polonica zagraniczne zagraniczne bibliografia bibliografia.

The essay expresses opinions, but is at the same time, as any text, heavily fictionalized, and we’ll keep this in mind as an productive place to be, when we write: The space between the clear and the rapidly moving and abstract text, the objective and the subjective.

Folk forstår ikke modsætningen mellem religion og videnskab, men helhedsrealismen viser at modsætningen er komplementær () Carl Nielsen - en komponist der spejlede den moderne verdens indre modsætninger (). Systemtænkeren Gregory Batesons økologiske forslag til nytænkning savner retning () En film om sjælens eller .

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