Is censorship ever justified and what

Gregory mantsios class in america Is censorship ever justifiable? In this media-intensive age, where we are bombarded with magazines, newspapers, periodicals, television and radio programmes, advertisements, and what-not, the issue of censorship inevitably comes into play. Censorship, has been practiced by governments and the press since the beginning of time.

Is censorship ever justified and what

Is censorship ever justified and what

Are there cases where media censorship is justifiable? Some parents implement censorship policies as a form of protection. For instance, media censorship prevents children from viewing inappropriate material that could have a negative impact on their health and emotional well-being. Violence should not be seen as the primary solution to resolve a dispute.

Young minds could also be adversely influenced by movies and websites that casually approach topics surrounding pornography and illegal drug usage.

In this case, parents may welcome the opportunity to censor various media outlets in order to block access to pornographic imagesviolent films or illegal pharmaceutical websites. There are also times when censorship policies could prevent news outlets from displaying graphic and disturbing images.

It was wholly displayed with flawless precision, to the point where the images began to induce an uncontrollable cringe reflex. Media censorship is a global phenomenon. In Mayit was reported that the National Assembly adopted a resolution calling for the lifting of the ban on YouTube.

However, it appears as if nobody is seriously willing to drive this decision forward since YouTube remains unavailable. Pakistan has blocked YouTube since September The government claimed that the video-sharing website failed to take down a controversial movie trailer that revealed damaging content pertaining to religion.

The movie trailer deserved to be condemned. However, if the government decided to block YouTube on the grounds that it displayed harmful content, it should exhibit a similar degree of resistance against other media outlets that exhibit objectionable material.

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Government entities in Pakistan are most likely trying to pacify certain extremist groups by allowing them to distribute their content. It is apparent that censorship policies have the tendency to create double standards.

People consistently discuss the benefits and consequences of media censorship. Supporters of censorship say that online media websites expose people to harsh and disturbing content. Those who oppose censorship claim that people can utilise online media platforms to gain access to a wide breadth of information and communicate with others who share similar interests.

Critics also accuse government bodies of exploiting censorship regulations to serve their own interests. In my opinion, national censorship regulations set a precedent for governments to value public ignorance over knowledge.

People can be conveniently restricted from viewing an inflammatory event, story or film. However, highly developed communication and interpersonal skills are defined by the ability to not only embrace different opinions, but also tactfully confront unfavourable generalisations.

At the end of the day, censorship can be disadvantageous or beneficial, depending on the context in which it is taking place. Published in The Express Tribune, November 26th, In the week the play Dishonour was cancelled after violent Sikh protests, the Guardian set five experts a challenge: what would they do .

RE: Is censorship ever justified Cartoon Network was not unaware of the risks; the cartoons were to be plucked from chronological order and shown late at night, .

The government uses censorship to hide specific information and data from the general population, however, based on human rights, censorship is invading freedom of speech and freedom of expression. The moment you censor someone just once, is the moment you censor everyone out.

Mar 16,  · Best Answer: Censorship is a sticky issue with many differing opinions. Some feel that censorship is never fine, but others think that censorship is sometimes needed. Some feel that censorship is never fine, but others think that censorship is sometimes Resolved.

Is censorship ever warranted?

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Under what circumstances would it be? I don’t know what you mean by censorship. Lots of people complain when their questions on Quora are edited, or when their answers are deleted because of BNBR violations.

Censorship cannot be justified, censorship is utilized as a tool to oppress people and desist young revolutionaries from challenging the powerful and revitalizing the anecdotal system. Every powerful entity wants the public to see the information they consider that is .

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