Should proportional representation be introduced in

Should proportional representation be introduced for elections for the House of Commons Advantages Minority parties would be more represented - as their percentage of votes received would be converted into the percentage of seats they would have in the HoC. Example - the green party who in only hold 1 seat but the Ulster Unionist Party hold 2 seats but received less votes Due to people feeling more represented as there votes will mean that they are more likely to hold seats to give them more representation in government, turnout is more likely to increase Example - The liberal democrats would therefore hold more seats in the house to represent their supporters.

Should proportional representation be introduced in

The page bill proposes to scrap two major regulatory agencies and replace them with revamped federal organizations. The bill includes the introduction of a brand new Impact Assessment Agency to centralize federal evaluations of major projects, as well as a new Canadian Energy Regulator to oversee the nation's interprovincial and international pipelines and powerlines.

The government said that it was hoping the legislation would create a new "early engagement" environmental assessment regime that would help it avoid the deluge of court cases and protests over pipelines and hydro dams that have cropped up in recent years, paralyzing or in some cases terminating major projects such as TransCanada's recently-cancelled Energy East pipeline and Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project.

The new legislation proposes to keep a controversial change, introduced by the previous government, that leaves final decisions on major projects in the hands of the minister or cabinet. But Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna said the legislation, Bill C, contains important new measures to strengthen environmental protection and Indigenous participation.

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna said she believes the government has "built a much better system" after consulting for 14 months on its environmental assessment regime.

It made radical changes to federal environmental law, and repealed a number of protection measures for waterways, fisheries and other areas.

After 14 months of consultations, the Trudeau government released Thursday's bill that makes a number of transformative changes. Not only will environmental concerns be taken into account, the bill states, but social, health, Indigenous, economic, employment and gender issues as well.

Explaining the decisions on Feb.

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If the bill becomes law, the new Impact Assessment Agency of Canada will lead all federal reviews of major projects, and work alongside other bodies like the new Canadian Energy Regulator.

The latter regulator, like its predecessor, will still be headquartered in Calgary, contrary to the recommendations of an independent review panel. The new energy regulator would also prevent its chief executive officer from participating in regulatory decisions, as was the case with the NEB, by preventing them from serving on the board of directors or as a commissioner.

The new legislation also removes a requirement that currently forces permanent members of the energy regulator to reside in Calgary, which is the Canadian home of a number of major oil and gas industry headquarters.

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It also has requirements for the government to ensure that there is Indigenous representation on the board of directors as well as ensuring there is at least one Indigenous commissioner.

The government says it is also creating new spaces for Indigenous jurisdictions to be involved in project reviews, and for scientific data to be vetted by federal scientists and made publicly available in an easy-to-understand format.

Lawyers with West Coast Environmental Law Association said the new legislation helps restore public trust in environmental decision-making, but is far from perfect.

The panel recommended that the federal government replace the NEB, and headquarter a new agency in Ottawa, on May 15, The current assessment regime relies on a list of such project types. The list, called the Regulations Designating Physical Activitieswas originally drawn up by the Harper government.

That panel will compile a report and deliver it to cabinet, which will take the ultimate decision on whether projects can go ahead. The assessment agency will also staff a "secretariat" for the panels, officials said.

The new rules also require scientific and other information to be taken into account in impact assessments, and that this information be made publicly available through a registry available online.

Nichole Dusyk, postdoctoral fellow at the Pembina Institute, said the legislation proved the government took its consultations on environmental laws seriously.

McKenna said the government is maintaining control over the final decision on major projects because it was ultimately responsible for decisions.

Canadians expect that from us. Photo by Elizabeth McSheffrey Federal Conservatives, Greens pan new legislation Conservative Party environment critic Ed Fast and natural resources critic Shannon Stubbs said the bill introduces "new regulatory burdens" that won't actually enhance environmental protection.

In a statement, they said the bill "provides no assurances that future projects of national and local significance will proceed. This article was updated at at 5: ET with additional background and details about the legislation.Should proportional representation be introduced for Westminster elections?


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Announcements. I think it should be introduced. It will encourge more people to vote, especially in what would formerly be 'safe seats'. Please help introduce proportional representation, instead of.

This document relates to the Proportional Representation (Local Government Elections) (Scotland) Bill (SP Bill 58) as introduced in the Scottish Parliament on 26 June 1.

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Reform Options for the Electoral College. Reform Options for the Electoral College and the Election of the US President (also, be sure to visit our page of frequently asked questions about reform): Direct Election with Instant Runoff Voting.

Should proportional representation be introduced in

A more proportional system would eradicate many of the problems associated with FPTP, such as s afe and marginal seats, tactical voting, unrepresentative governments etc If people feel that their vote really counts in the overall election, they'll be much more likely to .

Jan 28,  · Should proportional representation be introduced for Westminster elections? After looking at the details of the election and seeings the misrepresentation of votes to seats in parliament I have begun to wonder whether the UK should adopt a more proportionally representative election system?Status: Resolved.

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